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What To Know About Masonry Waterproofing In Cranford, NJ

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With the fall season arriving in the Cranford, NJ area and winter galloping in on its heels, now is the time to think about waterproofing our homes to protect them from water damage before our cold, wet winter weather sets in. There are so many beautiful homes in Cranford, both old and new alike but unfortunately, many will go unprotected from water damage yet another year. As a professional New Jersey waterproofing company serving the Cranford area, we’ve seen many families deal with wet basements and mold problems. To help local customers and others understand how to prevent basement flooding and water damaged masonry, we wanted to share the following things to know about masonry waterproofing with Cranford homeowners.

Why Masonry Waterproofing Needs To Be Done

Many homeowners in Cranford need masonry waterproofing, simply because of the slope of the land the home sits on or the foundation and basement area was never properly waterproofed to begin with. Unfortunately, many of them are already water damaged, with crumbling brick facades, damaged stucco, mold growth, and interior basement water damage. The important thing to remember about water damage is how our New Jersey climate affects the concrete masonry of the basement and base of the house. During the midst of every winter day, the sun warms up the masonry a little and then the nighttime temperatures freeze it again. This constant change in temperature causes the concrete masonry to regularly expand and contract. This can put stress cracks in the foundation and masonry block joints. Additionally, a home that sits on a slope can experience even more water damage if water pools around the home’s foundation, which also seems to happen pretty regularly.

Masonry Waterproofing May Not Be The Only Thing Basements In NJ Need

In addition to masonry waterproofing, many homes need other waterproofing systems installed, such as sump pumps and French drain systems, to handle any basement flooding problems. Additionally, the foundation area and around the exterior of the basement may need a special waterproof membrane system installed. If you have water damage or a wet basement problem in Cranford, let our professionals assess what type of masonry waterproofing measures need to be taken to get the area dry. You can contact us by phone or through our online form.

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