Top Notch Mold Testing in New Jersey

New Jersey Mold Testing

Mold growth in your New Jersey home can jeopardize the health of the members of your household, and it can lead to serious structural damages that can negatively impact your property's value. Also, if the issue isn't fully resolved, it can be an ongoing problem. Fortunately, All County Waterproofing has the experience, expertise, and equipment to find and eliminate any mold growth in your home.

Our New Jersey Mold Testing services will help you determine how much mold is in your home, where it's located, and what is causing the growth. From there, we can ensure that all of the mold in your home is totally removed.

Our New Jersey Waterproofing Company has state-of-the-art equipment which allow us to test moisture levels in the air and thoroughly inspect your ceilings and walls. These tools combine with the most up-to-date methods for mold testing to allow us to provide you with the best mold inspection services possible.

Indoor Air Testing

Using specialized tools and equipment, our professionals will sample the air in different parts of your home to determine exactly where mold is located and causing problems. These kits work by trapping airborne mold spores in a collection chamber, and they're among the most advanced tools available today in the undustry. We also use several different trap designs to ensure that we're able to find all of the mold that is present in every part of your New Jersey home.

Ourdoor Air Testing

We'll also test the air outside your home as a control for our indoor air testing. If mold spores are present in high concentration outside of your home, they will make their way indoors, but it will also indicate that your New Jersey home is not the source of the mold growth. On the other hand, if mold has much more of a presence inside your home than outside, that indicates that mold is growing inside your home.

Surface Testing

Some companies stop after testing your home's air for mold spores, but our Mold Inspection professionals will make sure that we're providing you with the most thorough mold inspections posisble. If it's necessary, we'll also test the surfaces in your New Jersey home with a variety of different techniques. These techniques include using carpet cassettes to test your home's flooring, Bio take to cover larger areas, and many others.

If mold is located during our initial visual inspection, we'll use swabs or even a small cutout of the surface to send to our labs and have the sample tested. This will reveal what type of mold you're dealing with, which can let you know what sorts of health threats are present in your home. This will also help us determine the most effective mold remediation methods for your particular mold problem.

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