New Jersey French Drain Installation

New Jersey French Drains

A New Jersey French Drains are a trench that is filled with gravel or rock which contains a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from your home and its foundation. These types of drains are extremely effective at preventing ground or surface water from penetrating building foundations, where the moisture can cause significant damage. Our New Jersey Waterproofing Company will help you decide whether or not French drains are a good option for your New Jersey home, and All County Waterproofing can install French drains for your home basement, making sure they're totally effective and efficient.

French drains may also be referred to as:

  • Weeping tiles
  • Blind drains
  • Rubble drains
  • Rock drains
  • Drain tiles
  • Perimeter drains
  • Land drains
  • French ditches
  • Sub-surface drains
  • Sub-soil drains
  • Agricultural drains

French Drain Installation

French drains are most frequently in one of two ways, depending on the construction of your New Jersey home:

  • 1) Installed by being buried around the foundation, on the external side of the foundation
  • 2) Installed around the inside perimeter of the basement underneath the basement floor.

External French drains can often last for ten years or longer without needing any maintenance, but they are also fairly likely to clog without warning, which can be a major problem. These clogs can eventually lead to flooding in your basement, which can cause tremendous structural damage.

Also, French drains often need to be installed with a sump pump. Otherwise, the drain relies on just gravity to help it drain water, which is a major problem if your home is located on a hill or near a steep incline.

When you need to have a French drain installed at your home, our professionals will make sure the job is perfectly done so that your home has all of the protection it needs.

When Do You Need a French Drain?

  • When you have a problem with surface water (some symptoms of surface water problems include soggy lawns, or a driveway that washes out)
  • If water is getting into your basement
  • If you're building a retaining wall on a hillside

The biggest of these problems in water getting into your basement. In this case, you'll need to have a deep French drain installed by one of the professionals at All County Waterproofing. This job can be fairly difficult, but it's also extremely important to have done, as the consequences can be dire.

French Drain Repair

If your French drains are failing because of clogs, cracks, or other problems, repairs or replacements will be necessary. Unfortunately, the only way to solve these problems is to dig up your New Jersey home's French drains, fix them, then replace them. Our professionals will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair these problems.

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