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All County Waterproofing Meet the Owner

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devestating events that's ever occurred in New Jersey. It created a significant challenge for many homeowners in the area who now needed many different home repairs, including a huge amount of moisture damage repairs. Rob Praizner, owner of All County Waterproofing, was able to use his expertise, experience, and knowledge to help out the community.

During the post-storm clean-up, your New Jersey Waterproofing Company was able to help with the moisture damage repair, waterproofing, drying, and mold-remediation of over 300 homes. Some of the homes he helped restore were in towns throughout Monmouth Beach, Toms River, Oceanport, Sea Bright, Seaside Heights, and many more.

Rob Praizner has been working in this industry for well over a decade. He currently assists in training candidates for All County Waterproofing. Rob holds numerous certifications that he began acquiring in 2003, and he continues to master his craft by participating in educational classes yearly. He has worked on more than 10,000 residential and commercial properties.

In early 2013, Praizner was referenced in the CBS morning television show "The Doctors", which has a daily viewership of close to 1 million. The interview process for the show is vigorous and lengthy, and many companies were considered, but All County Waterproofing was ultimately selected because we've separated ourselved in this field by being honest, ethical, and one of the good guys in the industry.

Rob has participated in 20 educational videos online and has written close to 8,000 copes of work for mold remediation and moisture control in homes. All County Waterproofing believes that by educating our clients, we can offer more thorough and accurate services.

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