Exterior Waterproofing System on Hazel Street in Westfield, NJ

Exterior Waterproofing System - Hazel Street, Westfield, NJ

The New Jersey Waterproofing Team put in an exterior waterproofing system on Hazel Street in Westfield, NJ consisting of a rubberized membrane and a three layer system.

We use our roofing membrane, Blue Skin and Mira Drain Board.

We excavated approximately five feet in depth and resealed the entire foundation.

Services and Brands used in Westfield exterior waterproofing installation

  • Location: Residential building on Hazel Street in Westfield, NJ
  • Main Service: Installation of Exterior Waterproofing System
  • Rubberized Membrane, Blue Skin & Mira Drain Board used as a three layer system
  • five foot trench dug out around the building
  • Resealed foundation

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Westfield, NJ

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